McDonald's employee shared a TikTok revealing a ton of secrets

 There have always been a lot of rumours about McDonald's, from the mysterious secret menu to why the milkshake machine is always broken. Well, finally it looks like we're getting to the bottom of it all, after a McDonald's employee posted a TikTok revealing, well, all the fast food chain's secrets and obviously it's going very viral.

TikTok has given us a lot over the years, from delicious recipes to genius cleaning hacks and now it's giving us the answer to all of our Maccies questions, and we have a lot of them.

New York based TikToker Ashton recently posted a pretty explosive video revealing some of the most asked about things we've all always wanted to know about the restaurant (it's important to note that she clarifies these details can change restaurant to restaurant). Let's start with the most important, the milkshakes.

We've all been there; you get up to the front to order and you're immediately told the ice cream machine used to make the milkshakes is broken. Well, according to Ashton this is basically never the case.

"99.9% of the time, the ice cream machine is not broken," she explains. "There are three reasons why we tell you it's broken. One: It's being cleaned. It's cleaned on the clock. Two: It’s in 'heat mode', so for whatever reason the ice cream is hot in there. Three: If we're extremely busy, and we're understaffed, and we're backed up with cars, a lot of the time, we'll just not serve ice cream until the rush is over."

Next up, the secret menu. According to Ashton we've basically all been living a lie, and we're devastated about it.

"The secret menu doesn’t exist. The only ‘secret’ is that you can customise any item on the menu, and we’ll do it."

There are some other kind of groundbreaking details Ashton reveals too, for instance if you want something cooked fresh order a quarter pounder.

"Quarter meat is fresh. It’s in a fridge. It’s not frozen," she explains. "We drop it in every time we get an order. So, if you want something fresh, order a quarter pounder."

You can watch the entire TikTok below:

Obviously, people went a bit wild over the TikTok, with the video racking up six and a half million views in just a few days and a lot of hilarious comments.

"Imagine ordering an [ice cream] cone and they say, "nah the machine's in heat," One person commented, while another wrote, "ex McDonald's employee, all facts here."

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